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Wedding Ceremony
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Celebrations @ Pushkar Fort

A town where festivities resonate with tradition and modernity. From grand weddings by sacred Pushkar Lake to opulent Royal Rajasthani Weddings at Pushkar Fort, each event is a testament to the town's aura. Birthdays and social gatherings thrive against the backdrop of intricate temples and bustling bazaars. Corporate events come alive amidst nature's beauty. In Pushkar, celebrations are woven into the fabric of life, honoring heritage while embracing innovation. Moments become memories, enriched by the town's radiant spirit.


Darbar - The Banquet Hall

Elevate your gatherings to heights, at Pushkar Fort. Our spacious and versatile venues provide the setting for creating memories. Among them our stunning Darbar Banquet hall truly stands out offering a space of 6500 sq. Ft. As one of the banquet halls in Pushkar it serves as a backdrop for your grandest visions.

With a commitment to excellence we pay attention to every detail. Provide personalized service. Whether it's a meeting or a celebratory event our Darbar Banquet hall caters to all occasions. The combination of decor and modern amenities ensures an experience while our experienced team brings your dreams to life. Trust us to create an event that aligns perfectly with your vision. At Pushkar Fort the journey, towards an event begins in our Banquet Hall where moments are transformed into memories and success finds its ideal setting.

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Wedding Garden

Our enchanting Wedding Garden is a canvas of natural beauty and elegance, providing the ideal setting for your fairytale wedding. Nestled within the heart of our resort, this sprawling expanse spans lush landscapes, vibrant flora, and captivating vistas. Exchange your vows under the open sky, surrounded by the serene embrace of nature's grandeur.

With its generous space and stunning backdrop, the Wedding Garden accommodates both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. Whether you envision an intimate sunset ceremony or a lavish soirée, our experienced team works meticulously to transform your dreams into reality. As the sun sets over this idyllic haven, your love story unfolds against a breathtaking backdrop, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. Discover the magic of the Wedding Garden at our resort and embark on a journey to forever in an atmosphere of pure romance and beauty.

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